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Government of India liberalizes the Geospatial Sector

Thank you Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for the great initiative

Boosting Economy

The reforms will boost the tech world’s confidence as a whole because there is a bit of geospatial inside virtually every IT and engineering process today. Currently, the Indian geospatial economy is estimated to be about INR 25,000 crores (USD 3.5 Billion), employing about 250,000 professionals. These guidelines will give a significant boost to grow the same to INR 50,000 crores (USD 7 Billion) and INR 100,000 crores (USD 14 Billion) by the years 2025 and 2030 respectively. Efficient and effective usage of geospatial information could add almost 2% growth to the overall GDP through direct contribution to mission-mode projects like smart cities, highways, modernization of railways, irrigation for every farming field, inter-linking of water, and the Clean Ganga and Digital India initiatives. Above all, the reforms would provide the necessary information base for start-ups and deployment of innovation.

Advancing Self-Reliance

Self-reliance for large economies, and especially for developing countries, is extremely essential. Having suffered in the past due to a lack of self-reliance, it’s but obvious that the country has to aim for self-reliance in essential and critical sectors now. Undoubtedly, national geospatial infrastructure and industrial capacity are essential for self-reliance. Recognizing the same, these well thought out guidelines seed the ingredients to nurture the indigenous industry and help it fulfil the growing demand for solutions and services without any biases towards import of technology and products. This is an excellent opportunity for India’s vibrant entrepreneurial community to rise to the occasion and develop a robust and valuable geospatial industrial eco-system.

Co-Ownership of National Ambition

A unique aspect of these guidelines lies in its drafting of the preamble and acknowledging and highlighting the valuable role of geospatial information in fulfilling India’s ambitions of becoming a USD five trillion economy. We are living in a digital age and therefore, the benchmark for tomorrow’s growth lies in our preparedness and leadership in digitalization of our economy and society. The guidelines reflect the Government of India’s tremendous trust in its citizens to self-certify and adhere to the guidelines issued for surveying and mapping. It is an enormous opportunity that is limited only by responsibility-driven self-certification and taking a holistic view of co-ownership by public and private entities and citizens alike.


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industries we serve

Smart City & Urban

Smart City & Urban

  • SMART City Mapping/GIS-Aerial & Mobile LiDAR
  • Property Tax Management
  • City Data as a Service
  • Address Management
  • City Utility Asset Management



  • LiDAR Surveys – DEM/Contours
  • Alignment Studies / Constultancy
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Asset Management
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Project Management

Irrigation, Water & Disaster Management

Irrigation, Water & Disaster Management

  • LiDAR Surveys – DEM/Contours
  • Flood/Disaster Modelling
  • Catchment Area Study
  • Soil & Moisture Conservation
  • River Basin Rejuvenation/ Management

Defense & Security

Defense & Security

  • Geo-Intelligence Survey of Remote/Forested Areas
  • Detailed 3D Terrain Maps
  • Near Real Time Data
  • VR Based Training Solutions
  • UAV based Surveillance

Forest Management

Forest Management

  • LiDAR Survey of Forest Structure
  • Canopy Height Information
  • Carbon Stock Estimation
  • Forest Watershed Management
  • Forest Fire Mapping
  • Forest Certifications

Infrastructure & Utilities

Infrastructure & Utilities

  • Asset Management
  • Vegetation Management
  • Periodic Safety Surveys
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • GIS Solutions
  • Specialized Industry Solutions

Land Records Management

Land Records Management

  • Re-Survey of Land Records
  • Capture data below vegetation
  • Farm bunds identification and mapping
  • Land Ownership Record Creation
  • Village Mapping

Insurance & Banking Solutions

Insurance & Banking Solutions

  • Flood Maps
  • Crop Insurance
  • Property Survey Solutions
  • Farm Loans Solution
  • Geographic Risk Mapping Management

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

  • Farm Slope Details
  • Farm Water Management
  • Soil & Moisture Conservation
  • Water Table Management
  • Crop Insurance Solutions
  • Weather Information Integration

Our Technology & Solutions

Aerial LiDAR
200 sq km of survey per day

Get 10 cm accuracy with DEM, DSM, 50 cm Contour, Topo Map & 5 cm Ortho Imagery

Mobile LiDAR
Over 200 km survey per day

Get upto 2 cm accuracy with DEM, DSM, 50 cm Contour, Topo Map & 360° Panoramic Imagery

Ideal for small area mapping

Get upto 5 cm accuracy with DEM, DSM, Contour, Topo Maps and 5 cm Ortho Imagery

Terrestrial LiDAR
Ideal for mapping of buildings & small sites

Get upto 2 mm accuracy with complete 3D Digital Twin data

Flood Management
End-to-End Consultancy Services

Railways & Highways DPR, Flood Management Consultancy & Project Management Consultancy

Unique Industry Solutions

Airport GIS, Solar Rooftop, Property Survey, Asset Management & Many more industry specific solutions

Solor Rooftop Calculator
Solor Rooftop Calculator

Remote assessment support with valuable information to estimate a location for the feasibility of solar installment and other factors in consideration.

Geokno Insights

Resolving inter-state river water disputes with LiDAR technology for concrete irrigation projects.
Case Study
LiDAR based topographical survey for Mizoram State roads II projects.
Case Study
Smart Airport GIS solution, Airport-i for improved operational & management efficiencies in GMR Hyderabad International Airport

In the News

Giving a new shape to agriculture in the State of Telangana

Proud to be part of the State government in conducting Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) survey on the river flow of Godavari.

A Perfect execution: 10Lakh acres to receive water in KLIS first phase

Geokno partnered with the State Government in conducting a Lidar survey for the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS)

Telangana, Maharashtra CMs ink pact on Godavari water projects

Our LiDAR team worked with the Telangana state government for over a year in conducting surveys for identifying locations to tap water of Godavari and its tributaries.


Aerial LiDAR Survey was first used by NHSRCL in Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project. The benefit of this technique is that it provides all the ground details and data in 3 months whereas this process normally takes 10-12 months using traditional methods. When we used LiDAR in Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project we achieved a vertical accuracy of 39 mm and a horizontal accuracy between 93 to 100 mm. LiDAR is an excellent technology which is now gaining popularity in India.

Shri Achal Khare, MD, National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited on Mumbai Ahmedabad Aerial LiDAR Survey

We have used the Aerial LiDAR data for finalization of the foundations of the structures, the Right of Way and the land requirement. We avoided heavy built-up area and we located the foundation of important structures to ensure least amount of dismantling. LiDAR data helped us in counting the number of trees and this accelerated our Forest clearance process. For design discussions, we use the levels from LiDAR data and Orthophotos to evaluate various options in office itself and this has reduced need for multiple site visits.

Shri Anjum Pervez, Officer on Special Duty, NHSRCL on Mumbai Ahmedabad Aerial LiDAR Survey

We found the LiDAR Survey to be very comprehensive and fast. We can safely say that we have been able to shave around six months in the total survey process and we have been able to deliver the ground terrain data with consistent quality which can safely be used for design and construction purposes.

Amrendra Jha, Group General Manager (T&S), RITES Ltd., on Mumbai Ahmedabad Aerial LiDAR Survey

Our Customers

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