Transportation projects require highly accurate survey data for better design, planning and management. Use the power of 3D Virtualization using LiDAR to get this accurate data in short times.

Transportation Solutions
Project Consultancy Services
Project Consultancy Services
Detailed Project Reports
Alignment Design Studies
Detailed Design
Land Acquisition Plans
Success Stories
  • Delhi-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Corridor
  • Ahmedabad-Rajkot Semi-High Speed Corridor
  • NHAI Bharatmala Pariyojna Lot 8
Aerial/Mobile LiDAR Surveys
LiDAR Survey
Topographic Map (1:2k scale) with 50 cm Contours
L-Section and X-Sections
Orthophotos and Panoramic Imagery
Success Stories
  • Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Corridor
  • Indo-Bhutan Border Roads
  • Bilaspur-Manali Leh Strategic Defence Railway Line
  • Mizoram States Roads II Project
  • Multiple State and National Highways/Railways
Aerial/Mobile LiDAR Surveys
Project Management Consultancy
Project Management Consultancy
Owner’s Engineer at Site
Quantity Measurement and Certification
As Build Verification
3D Design Management
3D Design Integration Services for Electrical/HVAC etc
Construction Monitoring
360° Panoramic Imagery
Contract Management
Claim documentation and resolution
Enterprise Asset Management
Document complete Road and Railway Assets
Road/Railway Condition Monitoring
360° Panoramic Imagery/5 cm Ortho Imagery
Integration with Asset Management Software
Operation and Management Planning
Success Stories
  • Gas Authority of India Limited – Gas Pipeline
  • Delhi International Airport Limited
Enterprise Asset Management
Our Technology & Solution
Aerial LiDAR Mapping
Mobile LiDAR Mapping
UAV LiDAR Mapping
Terrestrial LIDAR
Flood Management
Aiport I
Solar Rooftop Calculator