Flood Management

Managing floods with timely solutions backed with data evidence from LiDAR

Aerial mapping of the land finds a unique application in disaster management, right from predictive analysis to bringing to the table multiple other data for collaborative analysis that helps in coming up with a comprehensive solution. Flood management and risk assessment are the two facets of coping up with the problem by implementing feasible solutions and timely precautionary measures. But the factors to take into consideration are many, leaving problems unsolved or delay in coming up with the needful solution.

Geokno’s advanced LiDAR technology scans large land areas and also provides the elevation model of plains that is a crucial aspect of floodplain analysis. The accurate real-time data points of the areas around riverbanks, high rainfall regions, roads with poor drainage and lack of infrastructure are mapped and surveyed. Depending on the climate changes or weather predictions, necessary measures are implemented at one go. Improving the infrastructure to store water, irrigation measures and rainwater harvesting are some of the long-term solutions that can be planned and implemented depending on convenience.

Urban planning to prevent flood conditions can be studied and incorporated from the start of the project. Geokno LiDAR technology has played an important role in studying the Uttarakhand floods which is the first LiDAR project for the flood assessment in India.