Solar Rooftop

Urban terrain mapping with advanced LiDAR technology for solar rooftop assessment

Solar energy is paving way for renewable energy consumption at urban households and other big projects for self-energy production. LiDAR mapping of rooftop terrains has enabled survey, analysis and studies identifying potential locations for solar instalments.

LiDAR data maps the surfaces, elevations, obstructions, shadow range, maximum radiance and location specifications. The data is captured in real-time with 3D visualization of the location and high accuracy building specification. The digital model enables design planning, strategy analysis and sustainable project implementation.

Geokno’s advanced LiDAR is capable of capturing high precision data with a 360 degree imaging system.The integrated LiDAR tools scan and provide information for solving complex factors and concerns involved with solar implementation. Spatial data is revolutionizing the implementation of rooftop solar energy installation and management with the digital repository of data for virtual maps of the project. We are proud to have contributed to the Bangalore Solar Rooftop mapping project and supported CREST in assessing and evaluating rooftop solar potential with their CSTEP tool.