Irrigation, Water
& River Basin Management

Generate Highly Accurate Digital Elevation Models of large areas in short time

Water, Irrigation & River Management Projects require highly accurate Bare Earth Digital Elevation Models of large areas which are usually covered in vegetation. Use the power of LiDAR to get this accurate data in shorter times.

Water Solutions
River Interlinking, Rejuvenation & Basin Management
River Interlinking, Rejuvenation & Basin Management
Model very large areas accurately for planning and design of projects
Collect highly accurate data in short time
Fast project completions
Success Stories
  • Ganga River Basin Survey for National Hydrology Project and Namami Gange
  • Godavari-Penna River-Interlinking Project
  • Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project
Irrigation Project Studies
Study large catchment areas accurately
Capture accurate digital elevation models in short time
Fast project completion
Success Stories
  • Telangana Lift Irrigation Projects (Kalleshwaram & Others)
  • Madhya Pradesh Lift Irrigation Projects (Kalisindh & Parvati)
  • Tajewala Yamuna-Rajasthan Water Pipeline Project
Irrigation Project Studies
Urban Flood Management
Urban Flood Management
Capture complex urban topography quickly
Generate accurate data for hydrological modelling
Better design outcomes
Success Stories
  • Gorakhpur Flood Drainage Master Plan
Disaster Management
Undertake better disaster management planning to prevent loss of life and property
Study large areas accurately
Plan and design disaster proof interventions such as no construction zones, water flow management etc
Success Stories
  • Uttrakhand Disaster Management Study
Disaster Management
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