Densely Populated Complex Urban Environments require highly accurate data for superior decision making. Use the power of 3D Virtualization using LiDAR to get this accurate data in short times.

Smart City Solutions
City Digital Twin Mapping
City Digital Twin Mapping
Mobile & Aerial LiDAR Survey
Topographic Map (1:1000 scale) with 50 cm Contours
10 cm Orthophotos
360° Panoramic Imagery
Success Stories
  • Chandigarh Smart City Mapping
Smart City Solutions
Urban Master Planning
Property Tax Management
Solar Rooftop Management
Address Management
Urban Forest Management
Success Stories
  • Chandigarh Smart City
  • Bangalore Solar Rooftop
Smart City Solutions
Urban Asset Management
Urban Asset Management
Document complete Urban Assets
Road Pothole Management
Utility Asset Management
360° Panoramic Imagery/5 cm Ortho Imagery
Integration with Asset Management Software
Operation and Management Planning
Success Stories
  • Gas Authority of India Limited – Gas Pipeline
  • Delhi International Airport Limited
Our Technology & Solution
Aerial LiDAR Mapping
Mobile LiDAR Mapping
UAV LiDAR Mapping
Terrestrial LIDAR
Flood Management
Aiport I
Solar Rooftop Calculator